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Help Angry Texas Democrats Defeat Greg Abbot and Texas Republicans

Greg Abbot is a low down slimy piece of shit gimp and Texas would be better off without him.

Since his election he has done nothing but reduce the rights of women to chattel, denigrate LGBTQ+ and minority rights, strip away voter protections, and manage to get your electricity turned off for days, literally freezing your balls off.

It was ok for him though, since I don't think he has balls. It was also probably OK for his good friend Elon who probably had a Tesla Powerwall to keep him warm when the power was off. 

Fuck him and his policies which have made Texas the laughingstock of the nation- down there with Louisiana and Mississippi.

Elect Beto O Rourke Texas Governor and vote for Texas Democrats!

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Is Greg Abbot a Giant Dildo or a Dickless Gimp?


Greg Abbot is best represented by a wheelchair Ken doll- with no dick and no balls. He can not stand up to Trump or his Republican base to represent anyone other than 70 year old angry white men or Elon Musk. He should not run for Governor, or any other race, because he can't run since his legs don't work.


Greg Abbot is best represented by a giant dildo, since he is constantly fucking Texans. He consistently violates the rights of women, minorities, LGBTQ+ persons, and basically everyone other than 70 year old white men and billionaires.


I can't decide which better represents Governor Abbot. He does nothing for Texas and at the same time fucks Texans every chance he gets, just like he fucks chickens just because they make his tiny dick seem big when they squeal.

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This site was set up by a guy who hates Greg Abbot- if you can't tell. I hate him so much I had set up a Texas LLC and federal Super PAC just to take in donations to fuck with him. 

My intention had been to use donations to hire a cartoonist and social media types and to make generally offensive media mocking Governor Abbot and also other key Texas Republicans (Here's looking at you, Ken Paxton and Don Huffines) in front of as many Facebook eyes, twitter users, Tik-Tokers, newspaper readers, and TV watchers as possible.

However after filing the paperwork with the FEC and Texas Ethics commission I learned how hard they have made it to record and spend donations without violating some law and ending up in prison. So, I'm just going to link to Democrat donation sites and will not take donations myself.  I just want everyone to be able to google "Greg Abbot" and "Dildo" or "Chicken fucker" and for our pictures or ads to pop up.

So help me fuck Greg Abbot! 

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Volunteering time to defeat Greg Abbot and Texas Republicans is vitally important and can be done in many ways- Calling votors, registering, poll watching, working at polls, hosting events, etc... To learn more or volunteer click on the link below

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Be Part of Fucking Greg Abbot by donating money to fund advertisements, get out the vote activities, and other things in general just to piss him off. Use Act Blue!

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The founder of this website, and many others have kidney failure requiring dialysis. Consider giving the gift of life to someone else and becoming a kidney donor. Clicking on this button takes you to a webpage to fill out information to possibly become a donor

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I do not collect shit from you. The website manager does collect info from you but I don't know what they collect and promise not to look at what they do collect, mostly because I don't know how.

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